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Who we are

River’s Edge Daycare is a community of educators, families and administrators that approach early childhood education with a warm, holistic approach. First established in 2018 by the River’s Edge Church Community, we have now grown to be a vital member of the NDG neighborhood as a place where children are loved and supported through their early years of development. Located in a well-loved building adjacent to the church, we welcome your family with open arms and hearts.
Using the “Meeting Early Childhood Needs” educational program introduced by the ministere de la Famille our team of highly trained educators provide learning environments that meet the children where they are, allowing them to explore their world at their own pace, making their own discoveries and building relationships with everyone around them. Children under 6 need a space to discover what they can do and who they can become that is safe and inviting. They have access to age appropriate materials and activities that scaffold their skills while learning to co-exist with both adults and their peers.
We also recognize and respect that you as parents are the child’s first role model and caregiver. As such, we seek a partnership with you that will always put the needs of the child first. We value collaboration and teamwork. Together with your expertise on your child and our vast knowledge of child development and experience with group care, your child will always be seen, heard, and understood.

At River’s Edge Daycare, your child will REACH their potential, ENRICH their
world, and DREAM for tomorrow.