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Each group is an energetic bundle and our educators keep them busy throughout the day. This is such a pivotal stage in your child’s life when they’ve developed the basic fundamentals and now are in a more autonomous mind set. We promote this mindset and begin with establishing clear lines of communication between children and adults.

This is the phase when knowing how to say yes, no, please, and thank you are essential to teach. It is also the age when we see growth in the capabilities for longer periods of attention and focus. In our toddler program we learn all about hygiene; brushing teeth, washing hands, flushing the toilet, potty training, wiping, etc.. we also begin focusing on identifying our A.B.C’s and numbers in a group environment. The integration of groups in this phase really settle your child into a more communal mindset and their social skills begin to flourish. Our controlled groups help children develop their feelings and security as part of a group within the parameters of our classroom rules and routines.


enter site The toddler programs are separated into three groups based on age:

Little toddlers18 - 24 months

source url What we strive to accomplish

  • Walk on our own.
  • Eat finger food on our own/Introduce a fork and spoon/Drink from a sippy cup.
  • Bingo dab and paint and begin to color with crayons and markers.
  • Learn finger plays and dance with music.
  • Listen to stories/Read books.
  • Transition from our crib to a sleeping bag.
  • Walk in a group.
  • Ride toys, climb ladders and slide on the climbers in the playroom.


Big toddlers2 - 3 years What we strive to accomplish

  • Say ”Please” and “Thank You”.
  • Identify our own name when spoken to, plus other children’s names.
  • Identify different parts of our bodies such as eyes, ears and mouth.
  • Begin to run and hop.
  • Build our vocabulary, combine words into phrases.
  • Begin to dress ourselves with assistance
  • Begin to drink from a paper cup.
  • Color with a crayon or marker.


Little kids3 - 4 years

What we strive to accomplish

  • Eat appropriately during snack and lunch.
  • Practice good manners and hygiene.
  • Show concern for others.
  • Show or display gratitude.
  • Learn how to share and cooperate.
  • Continue learning to count, identify shapes, colors & some alphabet letters.
  • Begin using safety scissors.
  • Identify more familiar people, places and things.