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6 – 18 months


Welcome to our little Nursery! We provide a friendly and bubbly environment for your little treasure. At River’s Edge daycare we work with your children and maintain a program that helps our babies develop attachment links with adults other than their parents, as well as with attachment links with children of the same age. We encourage curiosity and creativity routinely we sing songs in english and french, tell stories, play with instruments as well as finger paint to challenge their developing minds.

Our educators work to promote your baby’s motor skills during playground time, emphasizing the development of their crawling, walking and sitting and playing toss n’roll with a ball to promote social skills and further develop their hand and eye coordination.


What We Strive to Accomplish

  • Crawl, walk by holding onto furniture or beginning to take our own steps.
  • Hold bottles/sippy cups by ourselves.
  • Eat finger foods such as cheese, crackers and Cheerios by ourselves.
  • Know our own name.
  • Sit up by ourselves.
  • Explore our environment.
  • Begin to develop language.
  • Hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.
  • Develop social interaction skills with adults and children