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River’s Edge welcomes all parents, guardians and caregivers to explore our facility by visiting and witnessing for themselves the learning environment and enriched activities, as well as meet with educators. Feel free to discuss any questions you may have, or to learn more, kindly contact us to book an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you! Register visit application


After a session with the Director, you may fill out an application form to enrol your child(ren). Should we have no spots available, your child(ren) will be placed on our waiting list, which will reserve them a spot on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please be advised that a fee for the application is necessary as well as non-refundable in order to ensure your child’s spot.



There will be a thirty-minute to hour-long session with parents and children following the completion of the application process. In this session, the Director will analyze and observe your child to ensure their placement in the proper program.


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It is recommended to have your child registered a minimum of one year in advance of their start date. All currently-enrolled children continue their education and activities year to year, until they graduate. Please note that admission depends on spots available.



Parents will be notified by the Director following the successful admission of their child. It is then asked that both the contract and tuition fee are given upon the start date to ensure admission. The Childcare Tax Credit from the Government of Québec is available to qualified parents — you may speak with the Director for more information. Register notification